Executive Summary

The Forum for Comparative Correction (FCC) serves as a research, professional development, and consulting resource for professionals in corrections.  Cultivating collaborative relationships with academic and practitioner agencies throughout the world, the FCC aids in the improvement of detention and correctional systems worldwide.  Through its Network Affiliates program, the Forum calls upon penal and correctional service professionals and academics throughout the world to apply their expertise to a variety of research and ad hoc projects.

Articles (PDF)

The 21st Century Cop Maghan in the Sudan
Hate Crimes: Victimizing the Stigmatized Staffing The Shock: Performance Objectives for Boot Camps
Terrorist's Mentality Mentally Ill Offenders
In-Car Videos The Incarcerated Radical
Intelligence-Led Penology Crisis in Carceral City
Pendulum Paradigms and the Dilemmas of Corrections Guarding in Prison
Carcinogenic Corrections
Verbal Graffiti

Aggression-Dangerous Inmates

Vulnerabilities to Terrorism Correctional Officers' Creed
Who Killed Daniel Pearl? Black Women in Correctional Employment
The Correction Connection
Training Cannot Do What Management Cannot Do
The Facility Training Captain
Managing Prison Violence
  Addressing Correctional Officers' Stress
The Other Prisoner
Why U.S. Prisons Should Keep the Barbells and TV
Corrections Officers in Changing Environment of 21st Century


Activities of the FCC are self-supporting through consulting resources, grants and contracts, presentation and speaking fees.

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